He wants to play a game. Build your own "Saw" puppet that even Jigsaw would be proud of. This is a small prop head, but can be made wearable for a smaller person or child upon request.

MADE TO ORDER ITEM! This item is made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks before it ships.

Base Material This product is made of latex rubber. If you have allergies, please use caution.
Hair This item has hair applied which may be of a wool, camel, mohair, or other variety.
Paints/Inks Finished, painted items are painted with latex based dyed paints, and/or acrylic inks.
Urethane Foam A 2 part urethane foam is used to fill this item, if the "foam filled" option is selected. This foam is generally not removable, and renders the mask (or prop) unwearable.

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