He'll tear your soul, apart! This piece is intended as a lifesize display prop, but can be made wearable upon request.

The "pins" are made of plastic so they are lightweight. They protrude through a prop display on the inside, but are cut smoothly on the inside for a wearable copy.

With this piece will come a small "kit" that will include 5 extra pins in the event you lose or break any. They can be glued in place with any glue that is compatible with latex.

All the pieces required to finish this mask (paint and tools notwithstanding), are included with the "Unfinished Blank" option.

Base Material This product is made of latex rubber. If you have allergies, please use caution.
Paints/Inks Finished, painted items are painted with latex based dyed paints, and/or acrylic inks.
Urethane Foam A 2 part soft urethane foam is used to fill this item, if the "foam filled" option is selected. This foam is generally not removable, and renders the mask (or prop) unwearable.
Additional Materials
Plastic The pin stems on this piece are made of plastic tubes
Metal The pin "heads" on this item, are brass, as well as the base pieces that may be used on the inside of the mask., The "hooks" embedded into the back of this item are soft aluminum wire.

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